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Healthy, bouncy hair is in!

The main hair trends you will be seeing this spring are healthy, shiny blunt cut strands adorned with all types of accessories! Other popular looks include ultra high ponytails, oversized snap clips, short and mid lengths cuts, middle parts, chignon buns, knot braids and natural afros.

hair color
Yup, the hues that defined 2018—think rose-gold highlights, fiery reds, and icy platinum shades—will soon be replaced by a whole new lineup. And, spoiler, the hair colors of 2019 are really good—so good, you’ll have a hard time settling on just one. Here are seven shades you’re going to see everywhere in the new year: chestnut brown (with face framing gold) inky black (rich + glossy), ash gray (moody deep roots), pastel (cotton candy, blue, teal) shades, baby (pale) blonde, chocolate brown(with copper tones weaved thru out), strawberry honey (golden blonde + vibrant copper).

Nails continue to be cool, trendy, and super fun! Trends include stiletto shapes, red and gold manicures, stark bright white, neon prune pink, glossy navy, dove gray, sheer blush, poppy red, metallic finishes, and neutral taupe.

Electric colors of all shades were popular, but turquoise, orange, cobalt blue and pink were favorites. Sunset faded pinks, yellows and oranges played into the season’s weather and gave a flattering Instagram filter effect. Classic red or pink lips popped up a handful of times as did brightly colored mascara. If all the talk of bold tones is making you dizzy, there were some softer looks too—a natural makeup look featuring dewy skin finished with a glossy lip is for you!

Velvet blazers, high slits, pant suits, flowy pants, mules, flats, and pointy toe shoes.

This season, men’s hairstyles tend toward shorter hair lengths, which limits what can be done with them. Shorter is neater, mid length is trendy, and longer shoulder length (or the still very popular man bun) are for those under 30! And look out... the mullet is making a return! Whether you wear a short hairstyle, or a long hairstyle, you need to have your hair groomed on a regular basis to keep it looking neat.

New MCS Service!

Lash and Brow Tinting
There are lots of ways to change the look of your eyebrows—tweezing, waxing, shaping, etc.—and ways to enhance your lashes—mascara, lash curlers, primer, etc. But what the heck is brow and lash tinting? Simply put, brow and eyelash tinting uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to add color, shape and thickness to dull eyebrows and lashes in need of some new life. How does it work? Eyebrow tinting helps people with “barely there” brows to achieve a bolder look that can redefine their whole face. Eyebrow tinting typically lasts between 6 to 8 weeks. Eyelash tinting gives added definition and makes mascara unnecessary until the tinted eyelashes fall out and new ones grow in. Usually, that takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Ask your MCS esthetician if these new services are right for you!

HALO® Hair Extensions—no clips, tape or glue
MCS now offers more than 30 shades of original and balayage colors to ensure a seamless blend and create gorgeous transformations you will love. Halo is fantastic in quality (100% human hair), the simplest and quickest extensions to apply, non-damaging, and undetectable! Uniquely designed, each piece has 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural blend with your natural hair. Whether you want to extend your length, add volume or enhance your color, Halo is the perfect extension for everyone. Ask MCS Stylist Amanda if these extensions are right for you!


Aveda started 2019 by giving their top most beloved aromas a new look and feel—re-introduced and reformulated!

Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner gently clarifies and provides weightless body and shine, features micellar technology, and 99% naturally derived. Who is it for? The guests seeking daily purification and removal of toxins. Best for oily, fine—to medium hair types with concerns of product build up and intermittent oiliness. 8 oz. $17 each

Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner provides additional weightlessness, long lasting nourishment, features silicone free technology, and is 98% naturally derived. Who is it for? The guest seeking light daily cleansing and conditioning. Best for normal hair with fine to medium in texture with no concerns. 8 oz. $17 each

Aveda introduces something new to love!

Aveda Brow Defining Pencils, made of all vegan ingredients, are available in 4 shades. Jojoba and Shea butter nourish the brows and give them a soft, natural appearance while natural plant-derived waxes provide long-lasting color. The 100% mineral derived formula is smudge proof and sweat resistant so your brows will stay on all day long. The pencils have innovative angled tip edges with a spooly on the opposite end for blending. Ask any MCS makeup artists to help you match and recommend the perfect shade for you today! $24

Rinseless Refresh
instantly refreshes scalp to ends and revives natural texture with no-rinse micellar technology by lifting impurities to revive hairs natural texture. The 97% naturally derived formula tames frizz for 72 hours. It instantly infuses hair with aroma featuring jasmine, ylang ylang, and other plant and flower essences. When should you use it? Second day hair, on the go refreshment or post workout. Who is it for? Guests with textured, wavy, or curly hair. $31

Heat Relief Thermal Protector and Conditioning Mist is a dry spray that protects hair up to 450 degrees, instantly conditions and infuses hair with calming Shampure aroma. The 97% naturally derived formula dries quickly and instantly conditions, detangles, and softens hair. When should you use it? Before curling, before flat ironing, or detangling hair before restyling. Who is it for? All hair types looking for heat protection. $31

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