The latest Trends

Hair, Shorter lengths... the spring short and sweet pixie cut gets a makeover with spikes, shaved sides, and tons of texture! This newer edgy pixie cut can look rebellious and feminine at the same time while accentuating the sexiness of your cheekbones, neck, and jawline. Medium lengths... say goodbye to stick straight angled bobs and hello to the ruffled petite cut! This season is all about short, defined waves that effortlessly frame your face or peak out from underneath your favorite beanie hat. Longer lengths... you can have your texture either way! The “Modern Farrah Fawcett” features feathery layers that work with or without bangs and compliment every face shape. The “blunt midi-cut” is having a major moment too and has absolutely no layers, just a straight across cut with a bit of feathering at the ends.

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